Who are the Guides? Mark Allen is the founder of The Off Road “Dirty Boys” Chapter of the Cairns to Karumba charity ride. He is also the founder of the Nationwide School “Bike Bus” program and recipient of the Cycling Australia ‘Cycling for the Next Generation Award’. David Wood is a former Australian Cross Country Mountain Biking Representative, Multi- time winner in the RRR and Croc Trophy stage races and organiser of National Mountain Bike Races.

What sort of bike is required? A cross country mountain bike with front & preferably rear suspension. Tubeless tyres atleast 2.2″ wide and a comfy seat. No gravel or cyclocross bikes.

What wheels and tyres are best? Either 27.5 or 29 inch diamter wheels are fine. Tubeless tyres around 2.3″ width with a fast rolling tread pattern are best.

How do the bikes get back to Cairns? We arrange for a Qantas Bike Box each to be waiting for us at the airport on Horn Island. We pack our bike and all our gear into these. Standard tickets allow 23kg + 7kg carry on. If your bike and gear weighs more than that you’ll need to pre book the excess luggage on the registration form.

What’s the Standard of Food like? We have gone to great effort to arrange for a diverse and varied menu including some from the Roadhouse Restaurants. Each night is usually a two course dinner with a number of options. Breakfast is usually cooked or an excellent continental offering. Lunch and snacks are made fresh and consist of a number of rolls or sandwiches, fruit, muffin, cake and drinks. When bush camping we provide the finest camp food available being Back Country Freeze Dried Meals, dessert and for breakfast a good selection of cereals, muesli and fruit.

Where do we camp? At designated camp ground (basic facilities) and recognised bush campsites (full bush experience)

What’s the Weather like in May? It is still quite hot, so plenty of swimming, not much more than a sheet to sleep in and no need for a jumper. There is still a chance of showers but heavy rain is very unlikely.

Are there Laundry facilities? Yes, at each roadhouse, but we recommend bringing a laundry bag so your gear doesn’t get mixed up with everyone else’s.

Can devices (Camera, GPS, etc) be charged? Yes at each roadhouse as well as by 12v and 240V inverter when bush camping.

How should I train for the ride? A good level of fitness is required, so regular mid week rides and some long day rides in the weeks and months leading up to it. Time on your bike is important to get your body used to riding position and any rub points.

What medical and mechanical support is there? A qualified Paramedic accompanies us on each each trip. We also take a fully stocked workshop tool kit, workstand and selection of spares to keep your bike running smooth. Please bring anything specific to your bike eg spare derailleur hanger, spokes, brake pads

Why Tubeless Tyres? To minimise the amount of unplanned stoppages and allow the group to flow.

Can I hire a suitable bike? Yes we have a number of suitable bikes in a variety of sizes available for hire. We do stress that you need to be a regular mountain bike rider, and hiring a bike would only be if you were unable to bring your regular bike.

Can I ride my E-bike? Yes, but depending on your Battery life you might need a second battery (allow for 6 hours use).